Dongguan JEIYIP Electrical Co.,Ltd

About Us

JEIYIP is a recognized leader in connectivity cable development, design andmanufacturing. Our professional production capacity and modern equipment give us a versatility that is unsurpassed. In addition, our highly skilled engineering and manufacturing staff are fully committed to zero defect quality program and an unparalleled culture of customer service.
Since 1996, Jeiyip have been engaged in designing and manufacturing industrial control cables and assemblies. Cables such as: Servo System Cables with or without connectors; Custom Automation Cables and  Assemblies.
With 30 electrical engineers and over 500 experienced staff, our biggest advantage is that we have the experience on designing and making custom industrial cables and assembles. Meeting the most harsh needs in industrial application of the automatic production line, such as machine tools, robotic automation, conveyors, servo motion control, automotive tooling, automation, resistance welding, food and beverage production and more.